The Alexandru Chronicles: The Beginning (Volume 1)

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, Horror

By Julienne Holmes

Publisher : Createspace/

ABOUT Julienne Holmes

Julienne Holmes
I'm anĀ emerging writer, who has not yet reached author status.


It starts with a body, disappearing from the morgue: It's just another night for Homicide detective Genevieve Freemen. Yet, the only problem is, that her whole night is about to be turned upside down. It starts with a body, disappearing from the morgue... When Genevieve thought that matters couldn't get any more strange, or, for that matter, worse, her whole world takes a turn from rational to irrational in just one horrifying night. If her life couldn't get anymore complicated, Genevieve then meets Cirpian Alexandru; a handsome Romanian, whose past is about to drag Genevieve into a world of darkness. Is it possible that story book monsters do exist? Or is there a reasonable explanation for the strange occurrences happening around her? Who can she trust? Who's not, who they seem? For all her unanswered questions to be answered, Genevieve will have to figure everything out; before it's too late for herself and the people she loves....

I thought it would be a good story to have a vampire slayer, who was, get this, a vampire himself...There is a secret about our hero, though, that I would rather my audience read about than me telling them. It's a new twist on vampires and slayers...