Faith (The Feather Trilogy, Book 3)

Faith (The Feather Trilogy, Book 3)

ABOUT Laurie Lyons

Laurie Lyons
Bio Laurie Lyons wrote her first story at the age of 8 and hasn’t really stopped since. She lives in Calgary Alberta, Canada with her husband and their two clever children. She loves writing, reading and spending time with her brilliant friends. She is the author of FEATHER and GATES of  More...



In the third and final installment of THE FEATHER TRILOGY, Lucy finds herself all alone. Nathaniel, Roman, and Anastasia are most likely in the clutches of the powerful Demon, Malachi, and it is all Lucy’s fault. She is determined to save them, no matter the cost. Enlisting the help of friend Gavin, the pair embark on a harrowing, cross continent journey. Relying on Lucy’s memory, Gavin’s charm, and help from some unlikely sources, the hunt is on. But what they find at the other end of this expedition is beyond their wildest nightmares. Lucy has no idea how much she will have to risk to save them all.
FAITH takes the reader on a powerful journey ending, exactly one year after it all started, at a battle of the ages where the fate of human kind will be decided. Filled with exhilarating moments, romance, humor, and heartbreak, FAITH is the perfect ending to Lucy and Nathaniel’s love story.