The Orchid Keeper

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Jennifer Deese

Publisher : ABuzz Press

The Orchid Keeper

ABOUT Jennifer Deese

jennifer Deese
I am a newly published author currently residing in Pennsylvania. I have found that in the written words of myself and others I have found my peace and my place. I write both fantasy and horror/thriller. I simply just love to create characters and worlds that are both awe inspiring and relateable.



Drowning in addiction and denial, Cora's life is in a fast downward spiral. If her actions don't soon change, she could lose everything. After a visit from an odd little man, Cora finds herself experiencing an other worldly event that changes everything. With the out of this world assistance of The Orchid Keeper, she gets the opportunity to save her soul

For such a short read the concepts and plot are very well written. (Except) from ***** Five Star review on Barnes and Nobles The Orchid Keepers ***** reviews on Amazon