Reminiscence of An American Dream

ABOUT R. L. Vogeler

R. L. Vogeler
R. L. Vogeler lives in Rockford, IL where he grew up reading horror novels from authors like Stephen King.

At an early age Vogeler discovered he enjoyed story telling. Through books and films he began to notice his love of the horror genre.

Today, R. L. Vogeler is t More...



In a small town a darkness lurks in the shadows. A quiet place to live and raise a family has become a town of terror. A serial killer who selects family units as his victims is on the loose. Unknowing to this savage and crazed monster, his one surviving victim Jack Decker, once a successful writer and loving family man is now a serial killer himself, hunting and eliminating those who have destroyed families, leaving loved ones in despair. Broken by his memories, devastated by his loss, and tormented by the need for revenge he becomes obsessed with finding the man that has haunted him for years, leaving a trail of dead bodies in hopes of luring his family’s killer out into the open. Reminiscence of an American Dream is the first book in a trilogy that takes you into the heart of the most terrifying fear a parent can face. And shows you the horror one loving man swells with as he becomes consumed by grief and hatred.