Ever-Life: The C.P.T. Incident

ABOUT Andrew Sarkady

Andrew Sarkady
Andrew Sarkady brings a breath of fresh air, a new excitement and marvelous twists and turns to the sci-fi market. He began making notes regarding Ever-Life in 1965. But it wasn’t until he retired after a 40-year career in industrial sales that he began to put pen to paper, and tell t More...


A thriller, sci-fi fantasy that mixes a suspense-filled exciting story with complex characters and wondrous creatures.

The author time-travelled to the future 3 times and returned once. This is the first story of his travels.

In Book I, The CPT Incident, we are introduced to the world of Earth 2999, at The Brock/Swanson Medical Complex, and to the underworld of Ever-Life-a global subterranean, futuristic health-base, which exists miles below the Complex. Under the leadership of their Great Grand Master, Gordon Swanson, Ever-Life has discovered many wondrous secrets to extend human life. On the surface, at the Medical Complex, Dr. Jack Sheldon, has discovered something startling and everyone wants it—a procedure to extract and transfer human memory/personality from a patient. The procedure is called, C.P.T.—Chemical Personality Transfer. The other partner of the Complex, billionaire philanthropist, Marion Brock, is a brilliant but sinister villain, who stops at nothing to steal Jack’s secret. The story of what happens is a compelling thrill ride of twists and turns, murder, resurrection and intrigue that keeps the reader wondering what comes next. In the end, the story is continued  in Book 2—TIME TRUST.

Page turner from the mind of the first real time-traveler to the year 2999, and told through the story of Mathew Bellos and Marion Brock. 40 years to conceive and develop and 5 years to write