No Motive for Murder: Dangerous Journeys Series, Vol. 3 (Dangerous Journeys)

Mystery & Thrillers

By Virginia Winters

Publisher : Cambridge Books, Maryland

ABOUT Virginia Winters

Virginia Winters
Virginia Winters is a writer living in Lindsay, Ontario. Now retired, she practiced Paediatrics for thirty-four years. Her first novel, Murderous Roots was published in 2008 by Cambridge Books of Cambridge, Maryland.               Her second novel, The Facepainter Murders, wa More...


Anne McPhail is on holiday in Bermuda, visiting her sister. She stumbles upon a murder in progress and this time, she is more than just a witness, she is a suspect, dealing with a police officer who decides Anne is guilty, and sticks to it in face of the evidence or lack of it. But more is going on than a random murder. Anne is caught in the middle a dangerous assassination plot. When she inadvertently upsets the killer ’s plan, he turns his attention to her. The risk spreads to her family and friends and then Thomas Beauchamp arrives on Bermuda. When his role is revealed, Anne’s life takes a
dangerous turn.

The third book in the Dangerous Journeys series about Paediatrician and genealogist Anne McPhail whose investigations into the past lead to serious trouble in the present.

Virginia Winters' third novel in her "Anne" trilogy is a real thriller. So vividly has the novelist conjured up the villain of the piece that, long after finishing the novel, I am unable to erase the ruthless Blanc from my memory. The heroine, Canadian doctor Anne McPhail, appears for the third time (she is also the main character in the first two novels of the trilogy), this time as a somewhat hapless visitor to Bermuda. All she wanted to do was to visit her sister, who lives on the island. Once again the novel opens with Anne stumbling across a corpse, but this time she is suspected of being the murderer. Never was Bermuda so sinister, and surely never has the tiny island experienced so many exciting chases. It's a novel with murky international connections to the arms trade, and you have to read to the end to figure out who's doing what to whom. I am beginning to think of Virginia Winters as Canada's very own Ian Rankin, the Scottish novelist whose Inspector Rebus skulks through the dark alleys and damp streets of Edinburgh in search of clues and murderers. Don't fail to read No Motive for Murder.
by R.B Fleming, author of Peter Gzowski: A Biography