Tears: An Occult Novel of Horror & Gore

ABOUT Caroline Gebbie

Caroline Gebbie
Caroline Gebbie lives in South Yorkshire, England with 2 dogs, a number of fish and a husband. 



Lola's life is full of horror.

Last year she was trapped down a well and nearly drowned and now her only friend is the mysterious voice in her head.

*** Warning this is an adult horror novel it contains blood, gore, sex and swear words do not read if easily offended.***

Following a brutal attack by six boys Lola withdraws into her own world. That is until the boys start to die in the most horrible ways. Who is taking revenge? Her special forces father who could tear them apart with his bare hands. The local pedophile who enjoys young boys and likes to play rough? The father of the last girl they raped or is something ancient and evil prowling the town?