Hello, Agnieszka! (Between Two Worlds Book 2)

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E Journey
I'm a realist in my writing, as well as my art. I don't have as much imagination as many other writers—a handicap (or strength) that comes partly from my training and experience as a mental health researcher/evaluator and program developer. I'm also a flâneuse—a female observer-wander More...



I weave music into my fiction, and classical music gets top billing in Hello, Agnieszka!, a sequel/prequel hybrid to Hello, My Love, the story of Greg and Elise and Book 2 of Between Two Worlds Series.

 Her oldest son's  suicide attempt compels  Agnieszka, Elise's mother, to tell her children about her past.

As a young girl, Agnieszka's passion for music is stirred when she first hears her great-aunt, who played at concerts in Poland, give a piano recital. Her great-aunt hones her talent for the piano and feeds her dreams of becoming a concert pianist. But real-world problems shatter those dreams.

Amidst the complex, thorny relationships with a mother weighed down by her roots and a lusty grand-aunt who betrays her, she finds love, love that renews her hopes for happiness. Sadly, it  ends, cut short by forces outside anyone's control.

Sustained by music and memories of her first love, Agnieszka grows and gets a second chance at happiness.

In baring her soul for the first time, Agnieszka  cements her bond with Elise, who now realizes how alike the two of them are despite their differences.

Hello, Agnieszka! has been written so it can be read on its own.

Exploring a character’s inner life is a rather scarce literary commodity nowadays. We love action and anything else that gets our adrenaline going. A character’s musings on what she’s witnessing or her brooding engagement with her feelings slows that action down. Maybe, it’s the downside (or upside, depending on your values) of our high-tech society of fast and vast information. This book is essentially a love story, not only between lovers, but between mothers and daughters and how they are each shaped by the era they lived in, their unique backgrounds and experiences and how they carry those experiences into the next generation.

Journey has woven a beautiful narrative filled with complex relationships and interactions between women – aunts, mothers, and daughters. – GoodbooksToday.com

Hello, Agnieszka ! is flawlessly written with a unique plot developed to give the reader an emotional experience. I absolutely loved reading it and could not put it down until the very end. It is one of those love stories so phenomenal that it touches your heart forever. - ★★★★★Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite