Demon Within: (A story of Angels and Fallen-Angels) (Fallen Angels Series Book 1)

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance

By Julie Nicholls

Publisher : Julie Nicholls Amazon KDP

ABOUT Julie Nicholls

Julie Nicholls
I am English but live in Bulgaria, and have done so for the last nine years, enjoying an early retirement. Loving painting, writing and living free, I finished my first book in November 2014. 


When Angels ruled the heavens and dared to risk everything for the love of a human and paid the price of eternal damnation.
Kai, sold into slavery at a young age, fought in the fighting pits of Darkmide and struggles with a violent, uncontrollable force that feeds on his anger. Coerced into an alliance with a King, Kai is offered his daughter Eloise, as a wife. In a twist of fate, she’s the only person able to bring Kai back from the edge when the demon within takes control.
When an act of betrayal causes the alliance to break, he rejects Eloise, bringing forth all his fears of being alone. Stubborn and running away from confrontation, Kai is about to lose the only person who isn't afraid of him.
A connection between Kai and a fallen angel is discovered, as the angel systematically destroys all the nearby towns, bringing the two together in a fight for dominance. Only time would tell who would prevail.

The story is based around Angels and Fallen Angels and that love can conquer all. It's a 'feel-good' story, one that has you cheering for the good guys and you'll definitely fall in love with the main characters.