Kolchae: The Annals of Lusiartha - Book 2

Kolchae: The Annals of Lusiartha - Book 2

ABOUT R Ann Humphries

R Ann Humphries
R. Ann Humphries is a lifelong science fiction and fantasy addict. Unable to find a portal to Narnia in her closet, she started inventing her own fantasy worlds and storylines.  She graduated from Gardner-Webb University with a BA in Creative Writing.  She lives in western North Carolina More...



The saga continues.... Book 2 of The Annals of Lusiartha trilogy.





Lusiartha is at war. The Sovereign is moving his Regiment in full force against the Siarthens, targeting Rilan and his fellow kolchae.



Supplies in the underground base grow limited, spirits are low, and tensions grow between Rilan and Noril.

When a kolcha is captured during a desperate Setu raid, Rilan must choose between his responsibilities as the rebel leader, and his loyalty to his friends.

The fate of a nation hangs in the balance, but is Rilan strong enough to sacrifice his friends to save Lusiartha?