ABOUT Kenneth Polcyn

Kenneth Polcyn
Ken Polcyn was a boy who faced life’s early challenges growing up on a farm outside of Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  Becoming involved in sports dramatically changed his life and led to an opportunity to attend college.  Passing up an offer with the Chicago Bears, he moved to New York  More...


Kevin English moved to Sanibel Island, Florida from the Washington, D. C. area starting a new life, leaving two failed marriages and a company he had founded. A lone companion, a sailboat bought new in Annapolis 15 years before...Sea Mistress, in need of repair; he wrestles with whether to sell or refurbish. A neighbor expressed interest in purchasing the boat and a week later is found dead, with crushed head, floating in the Intracoastal Waterway. An investigation opens the window into Southwest Florida´s drug trafficing, illegal immigrants and government corruption, where love and evil intertwine. All of these leave Kevin to question his sanity as he finds himself transported into a world where even the Sea Mistress seemingly comes to life with intentions of her own.