40 Hours For A Project (English Edition)

ABOUT Roberto Gabetta

Roberto Gabetta
We are Roberto Gabetta and Alessio Giuliani, two Italian guys and colleagues  who after endless discussions, and a thousand thoughts about how to make the place where we live and work a better place, decided to write a little illustrated book on project management. We host a blog: www.40 More...


Many tasks must be carried out and many responsibilities must be supported by each of us, every day. We are all Project Managers. By profession or not. Get some light, seeing things from above. This would serve us. In this little work we provide the essential concepts of project management. We have chosen to represent them through a simple story. 
In this way, we could organize better, and stress would reduce. 
Written in plain English, and directed to everyone, starting from a concrete situation in which everyone can identify, this book develops in five short sections designed to stimulate both the left and the right side of the brain. 
Because every good project, like every good idea comes from the right blend between reason and instinct.