ABOUT Jacqueline Cioffa

Jacqueline Cioffa
Author Bio Jacqueline Cioffa was an international model for 17 years and celebrity makeup artist. She is a dog lover, crystal collector and Stone Crab enthusiast. Her work has been featured in the anthologies, Brainstorms, Feminine Collective’s Raw & Unfiltered Vol. 1, Stigma Fighte More...



Bold contemporary fiction, The Vast Landscape shares one woman’s journey filled with doubt, mistrust, fame, and self-discovery. Join Harrison on her quest to find inner peace despite the harrowing obstacles placed in her way. Will she succeed in stripping away her complex armor to unmask the flawed, beautiful, and strong iconoclast kept hidden for so long?

Honest to a fault, Jacqueline Cioffa creates a challenging love story sparkling with narrative originality.




Cioffa's image was soon seen on billboards and in magazines across the globe. She wore the fashions of iconic luxury brands such as Armani, Moschino and Hermes. She worked in Paris, South Africa and the "winter seasons" in Miami. She lived in Milan for a dozen years, living a life there that many fantasize for themselves. Always a writer, specifically of prose, Cioffa took classes and took part in several supportive writing groups to hone her skill and find her voice as her modeling career came to a close. She would eventually become a celebrity makeup artist. "I came back to New York in the late '90s and started to slow down when I hit my 30s. The business kind of retires you," she said. Cioffa parlayed her good genes toward an acting career in Los Angeles for a time. She wrote a screenplay, which fell through. She, again and again, returned to the one activity that grounded her: writing. "All those experiences helped to give me stories and be an observer of the world," Cioffa said. A few years ago, she returned to Auburn to write her first novel, "The Vast Landscape." -Carrie Chantler

“I was always impressed at how courageous a writer you are and am pleased by your string of publications. Keep writing your fine prose.” -Mark Blickley author of Sacred Misfits (Red Hen Press)