Mystery & Thrillers

By Mark Saltzer

Publisher : Mark Saltzer

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Mark Saltzer
I'm a dreamer, a writer, a producer, a DJ and many other things that keep me entertained whilst I experience this journey called life. I have risen to great heights and felt isolated in the process, it seems being grounded is far more beneficial when it comes to solving life's problems. Li More...



A transcript of the final video recording of a man caught in his basement during an alien invasion, giving his last will and testimony before he finally meets his fate.

Whilst visiting America back in 1998 I returned to Australia with the idea for "MARTIN" implanted firmly in my head.

MARTIN is released! Share the terror!! 

I love a complex, character- driven thriller: and that's exactly what I experienced with MARTIN.
I won't share too much, but I dare you to take MARTIN's journey of ever-present danger. I was so impressed with the pace of this short story. I had to know what was going to happen!!
You'll definitely have an emotional response to this story. I was made to really confront the truth about ourselves and our future.


An emotional roller coaster 

I never planned to read 'MARTIN' from cover to cover all in one night, but it was just that captivating! I found it impossible to put it down. The story was written very well, and it was clear the author had done their research. I felt a huge range of emotions whilst following the main character's storyline and I am looking forward to Mark Saltzers next book! Pour a glass of wine, dim the lights, kick your feet up and start reading.... trust me, before you know it, it will be 7:00 AM and you will be wondering if he can hurry up and write the next one already!

Review by: terminalspleen on Jan. 22, 2015 :  
I must say that i wasn't a huge fan of this book the first time i read it. I thought it was an interesting premise, with quality writing, that is easy to understand. But the ending had me a bit confused, 
not one to leave questions unanswered i decided to read the book a second time.

Once you read it a second time though, WOW, the author leaves perfect breadcrumbs throughout the book, which leads to an explosive and unexpected ending which i won't spoil here.
Great read, Great price 4 1/2 Stars