What It Took (Daughers of the Ocean) (Volume 1)

ABOUT Mercedes Guy

Mercedes Guy
Mercedes Guy is the young adult author of the fantasy What It Took To Realize & Voodoo, inspired by Alexz Johnson's song "Voodoo". She published her book December 5th, 2014; on December 4th she attended Alexz Johnson's concert in Charlotte and gave her the first "proof&q More...



Morgan never felt like she fit in at school, being half human and half mermaid, and she saw herself as the school’s biggest outcast. She led a quiet life with her water nymph guardian, trying to keep her identity a secret in a school of mortals and mythical creatures. Tormented daily by head cheerleader and pixie, Ginger, Morgan finds herself rescued by Leroy, Folly high school’s hot new quarterback and vampire, who asks her out on a date. However, Leroy is not all that he seems, and Morgan’s life becomes increasingly complicated, confusing and frightening. Emmaline, a mythical creature herself, moves with her family to Folly and is instantly drawn to Morgan. When the song, “Voodoo” by Emmaline’s favorite singer, Alexz Johnson, seems to play on her car stereo every time Morgan is around, she begins to realize that the song’s words have a message for her, and she soon discovers that she is destined to save Morgan—but from what, whom or how, she does not know. As the two spend more time together, Emmaline tries to keep her feelings for Morgan separate from her duty to keep Morgan safe, but it soon becomes impossible to deny the intense desires of her heart. Morgan soon discovers the depth of Emmaline’s feelings and her undying devotion as she learns . . . what it took.

I have basically been working on the Daughters of the Ocean series for seven years. I had been toying around with the idea of a specific Mer tribe and took the basic idea and created What It Took. Basically, before writing Morgan and Emmaline's story, I had never finished a single book but I had started plenty! I took the research on Mermaids I had done with my own imagination and with some suggestions from friends and my ex's hate for vampires... What It Took was the craziest story I could come up with and I believe this is the reason it was finished. I wrote and finished the book my senior year in HS, then I completely scrapped it and started over with a clearer idea of what I had in store for my characters. This book is my child. These characters are real, and I mean that, I have written myself into corners because they would just take over the story! But most of all, I believe they can be relatable to the most of us.


This would be a perfect made for TV movie !!! Morgan a girl trying to find herself only you have to throw in the bad vampires, nymphs, the pixies and other things that go bump in the night. You still have the bullies, the cheerleaders, and the cool guys, and don't forget Morgan who don't know her parents and was abandoned and left on doorstep at birth. This is the stuff to real nightmares and to put children I left in therapy for years, or a great beginning to a good series.
Morgan find out the hard way that the hottest boy in school is a vampire and he's no Edward He has a real dark side it focus point is on Morgan. Will Emmaline save her in time or do she come with a whole new set of problems?
This is story will keep you wondering until the end, a must have for your bookshelf!!!

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review