My Insanity Defense

Mystery & Thrillers

By Timothy Borkowski

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My Insanity Defense

ABOUT Timothy Borkowski

timothy borkowski
The best advice I ever got when I first started writing was "write what you know" so most of my stories are semi-autobiographical. Of coarse, I have never been wrongly accused of murder or been in a gunfight but I have been in alot of trouble in my life. I have been in prison a  More...


"My Insanity Defense" chronicles the travails of Joe Nelson, a comic, tragic, hero who stumbles on to the truth of his daughter's murder when, at the lowest point of his life, he is introduced to a plucky stray terrier. The story is narrated by Joe himself after the pursuit of the killer leads him to become framed for a terrible crime and his lawyer tells him his only hope is to be declared legally insane. As the story unfolds, Joe begins to wonder if he really is crazy

One of the most frightening things that came to mind while I was in prison something happening to my daughter and not being able to do anything about it. That's the basic premise of "My Insanity Defense" Sad as that is there is humor,adventure and romance. Enjoy