Two Days In The Life of A Dead Man

ABOUT Dennis T. Payne

Dennis T. Payne
I was brought up in Carlsbad, New Mexico. It was, when I was a boy, a thriving community on the banks of the Pecos River. In the 1950’s and 60’s it was a fun place for a kid with an active imagination to make friends and memories. Ours was a family of four with my parents, my older bro More...



Two Days In The Life Of A Dead Man When head of security, Joe Tom Kilgore, finds his mentor and boss, the Texas attorney general, shot to death, his search for the elusive killer forces him to relive his own troubled and bloody past. Kilgore has struggled to leave his memories as a soldier in Viet Nam and as a sheriff in rural West Texas behind—along with his life as a stone cold killer. Within seven days of his boss’s death, Kilgore and his buddy, a cop that doesn’t always play by the rules, find that two other victims have been brutally murdered—an employee of the attorney general and a young prostitute. In a harrowing race against time—across the desolate plains of Texas to the perilous Mexican border—on the heels of a killer, Kilgore is up against forces more evil than any he has faced in the line of fire. Knowing he is walking into a madman’s trap of almost certain death, Kilgore must call upon a few loyal—and often disreputable—friends, to help him find the killer and survive to see another Texas sunset.