Kings of Brighton Beach Episode #1: Part 1: Gangsters with Guns

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By D. B. Shuster

Publisher : Crime Bytes Media

ABOUT D. B. Shuster

D. B. Shuster
D. B. Shuster is married to a Russian man, who regularly assures her he is not a member of the mob. By day, she is a professor of Sociology, and her research keeps her busy with facts and numbers. By night, she lets her imagination run free. Sometimes she sleeps. She lives in New York with More...


Kings of Brighton Beach Series
In Brighton Beach, the largest Russian immigrant community in America, criminals and spies live among hardworking immigrants. The mafia rules with an invisible hand that reaches from beyond the former Iron Curtain. Ruthless men vie to reign as kings over their profitable corners of Little Odessa, and no one can be trusted. Not even family.

Part 1: Gangsters with Guns
At fourteen Vlad escaped his violent father and the criminal soup of Brighton Beach. Now, twenty years later, he will reclaim his father’s place in the Russian mafia if he can survive.

Episode #1
Vlad plans to ingratiate himself with his father’s former partner, Artur, learn the “business,” and commit a hostile takeover. But Vlad isn’t the only one interested in claiming Artur’s slice of Little Odessa. Vlad’s rivals have no code of honor, and Artur’s daughter, Inna, is discovered in her brother’s own nightclub, raped and drugged, with a gun in her hand and a dead mobster sprawled on top of her. The dead man’s comrades want retribution, blood for blood, but Vlad is convinced Artur's mafia princess is innocent and that the real killer has ambitions to start a war in Brighton Beach.

In Brooklyn's Little Odessa, no one can be trusted. Not even family. How well do you know your family? Could they be involved in... ...organized crime? ...espionage? ...murder? What would happen if you finally learned their secrets?