ABOUT Claude Dancourt

Claude Dancourt
Canadian with a passion for words and applied science. Indiana Jones' fanatic. Still looking to build a time machine. Love music, Ceylan tea, and Hazelnuts flavored coffee. Housing one plant and a cat with an attitude. Addicted to Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Magnum P.I. Team Loki.  Go Habs!



When Salome enlists in the Medieval Latin Literature literature class, her plan is fairly simple : meet the evasive Professor Graham face to face, pick his brain about the Pierce riddle, and be on her way before he start starts spelling ‘treasure hunter’. As best laid plans go, though, by the end of her first class, she and the famous scholar’ scholar’s son, Alec , are fighting like cats and dogs. Bickering leads to kissing; , and kissing leads to… Wellwell, more arguing.

The Latin puzzle is the key to find finding the long lost Highland Heart, a diamond and emerald brooch that belonged to the Stuart royal family. The translation is the easy part, even if 'trees', 'shells' and 'Hell' make little sense together.

Alec Graham is Sam ’s best chance to help her unravel the mystery and reap its reward. It doesn’t mean she has to agree to all of his terms, though. After all, on a hunt, it’s ‘Finders Keepers’.