Lottery (Volume 1)

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kimberly Shursen
In 2011, I took a leap of faith and left my position as a director of marketing to pursue a career in writing. Two of my full-blown musical plays were produced by independent investors in Minneapolis, Iowa, and Sweden. I wrote the script and music over a span of ten years while raising m More...



From the bestselling author of Hush and Itsy Bitsy Spider.
A mind teetering on the edge of insanity ... a 736 million dollar lottery ticket ... a pact between friends that will never come to pass. One will die; the other left stalking his next victim.  
Caleb O'Toole has just claimed the largest mega-lottery ticket in the history of the Lottery. Living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, with his beautiful wife Ling beside him, Caleb has everything he has ever wanted and more.
But when someone tries to blackmail him, telling Caleb they will expose what he's done, his already fragile mind goes to a dark place
Leaving a trail of murders behind when the malevolent voice only Caleb can hear takes control, there is nothing he can do to make it stop.
From the streets of San Francisco to Shanghai, the first book in this psychological thriller series is just the beginning of a fresh new thriller series.  
** the second in the series, Son of Caleb due for release in February, with Caleb's Lot to follow in the fall of 2015.
Praise for Kimberly Shursen: 
"Fast-paced, rich with intrigue and thought-provoking, this book keeps you guessing to the last page." Best selling author Katie French
"The ending totally floored me! Can hardly wait for the next book to see what happens!!!" Kristin P. 
"You will be drawn into the wealthy lifestyle of Jack Weber, the goodness of Ling Jameson and the twisted battle that Caleb O'Toole is embroiled in trying to hold on to all he holds dear." Lisa H.
"This thriller is well-written and fast paced, two descriptors that fit all of Shursen's books." Author Jerilyn DuFresne
"My expectations were blown away. This book is one amazing thrill ride that leaves you wondering just how far you'd go to protect what you love." Jenee R.

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