ABOUT Linda Caddick

Linda Caddick
My passion is to write inspirational fiction that illustrates the truth of the gospel through colourful characters and engaging stories.



Is any sacrifice too great for the Kingdom of Light? Marriage and motherhood brings happiness beyond Shana’s expectations. Safe in her small agricultural community, the recent outbreak of persecution against the ‘followers of the Way’ in Jerusalem is distant enough not to affect her, and she is determined to keep it that way. Little does she know, she is about to walk through the fire. How much is she prepared to suffer on behalf of another? Things get dangerous when an ambitious young man crosses her path, especially as he holds the key to her future. To survive, she must employ all her feminine wiles. In spite of her imperfect pursuit of the Master, his exceeding grace sustains her in her darkest hour. But when it’s all over, she is yet to find out whether love still remains