Rembrandt Etchings: Looking at Rembrandt's Prints (Secrets of Rembrandt Book 1)

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Liesbeth Heenk
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This Rembrandt book shows you the Secrets of Rembrandt etchings

In his day, Rembrandt was better known as an etcher than as a painter. Looking at Rembrandt's prints requires a little time and patience from the viewer, but the rewards are enormous. Rembrandt moved expertly between genres, demonstrating his ingenuity, insight into human emotion and mastery of the etching medium in every image. The compositions are beautifully balanced despite a wealth of narrative detail. Every line has a purpose - nothing is accidental or left to chance.

This Rembrandt Etchings book will guide you on your visual journey of discovery, and allow you to see why Rembrandt was the greatest of all seventeenth century printmakers. By reading it you will learn a great deal about the technical aspect of printmaking, Rembrandt's choice of papers, his expertise in marketing his etchings, and prints are discussed per genre. The book contains 33 high-quality illustrations.

The book is the first in the series Secrets of Rembrandt, and has been written by an expert in the field of Dutch seventeenth century art, Michiel Kersten. He refrains from using art historical jargon, so that everyone interested in getting to know Rembrandt will be able to enjoy this book.