Encounter *** Number 1 Book ***

Encounter    *** Number 1 Book ***

ABOUT Linda Dobinson

Linda Dobinson
I was born in Croydon,England but grew up in Barbados. Island life was easy, warm and you are never far from the beach. When I was seventeen we returned to England. The fast pace of life in London was exciting, the shops wonderful but the cold - not so good. I love reading, writing poetry More...



Encounter is a book of poems written mostly in free verse but with some traditional poetic forms – villanelle, pantoum and haiku – included. The collection is divided into three sharply observed themes – love, nature and life.

The author’s inspiration comes from many sources. She grew up in Barbados and the poems inspired by those memories show a strong emotional connection.

Married and divorced twice, the poems charting the author’s personal experience of love – the joy it brings, the pain when it goes wrong, and then finally moving on are poignant and sometimes raw.

However, the author’s greatest inspirations are nature and the seasons. The thrill of a new spring, mercurial summer, the glorious colours of autumn, the frozen wonders of winter -these poems are beautifully observed and imagistic. The author would like to say, though, that her feelings about snow are ambivalent and some of the happy snowy poems are definitely fictional.

* Number 1 Amazon/Kindle/Poetry/Women, February 2015