Force Three Rises

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Tom Gauthier
Novelist and Playwright, Acting Coach/Director, World Traveler, Lecturer and Communications Consultant. Doctorate in Psychology, Masters in Business Administration - Add it all up over a forty year career and it produces some neat plots to develop for your entertainment!
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The Korean War is underway and Americans are fighting for their lives in the Pusan Perimeter. An aircraft flown by the CIA crashed in Manchuria, and two of its crew taken prisoner—but whether by the Communist Chinese or the Soviet KGB is not known. One prisoner is a high level US government official. At the same time a "Broken Arrow" alert is called by the US Air Force at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa—An Atomic Bomb has been stolen. The US President has a private unit of spies at his disposal called FORCE THREE, operating outside of treaties and conventional channels. The President calls on them to unravel an evolving and deadly dance of the CIA, the KGB, and the Red Chinese—plus a fourth, more sinister player in a cabal of mid-level Chinese and Russians seeking wealth and power. Since 1938 FORCE THREE served as the eyes and ears of the American President in Asia, Europe and the Soviet Union during war and peace, and once again they are called upon to serve. Amos Mead and his wife, Dr. Brigit Mead, both former OSS agents, are the ones the President and the CIA call on to cross the lines and seek the truth. The President trusts them to find out if governments are plotting, or individuals are seeking chaos—with the kidnapping of an American official—or with an atomic bomb.