Salt of a Sailor: The true origins of a durable, but not-so-dainty sailor

ABOUT Annie Dike

Annie Dike
I was a lawyer until I quit. Six years in the practice taught me two very important things -- 1) I love to write (while it was motions, briefs, and arguments then, I still knew I had uncovered my passion in the written word), but 2) I don't like to do it in an office. Something told me I n More...



"If you're thinking about buying your first sailboat and making it your own, you need to read this refreshingly honest tale."

-- Ed Robinson, author of Poop, Booze & Bikinis

Had I ever sailed? No. Did I think that mattered? No. I felt I had whatever grit and guile I needed to handle this silly sailing stuff. I parachuted with a sheet, drove a car that started with a screwdriver, swished with hydrogen peroxide. I rode horses, climbed rocks, leapt off cliffs. I spent summers in the sleeper of a big rig. I ate Malt-o-Meal. Surely these were excellent traits of a sailor. Surely I was salty enough. I fancied I was. Either way, we were going to find out. The time to go was now. All we needed was a boat.