ABOUT Robert A Webster

Robert A Webster
Robert A. Webster is a multi-genre author based in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Originally from Cleethorpes, UK, he embodies both hearty wit and adventurous vigor, making his prose insanely memorable and incessantly enjoyable. His unique brand of snarky humour and imaginative storytelling brea More...


The PATH team always assumed that there was a god, but it always seemed like a touchy subject whenever Church brought it up with his spirit keeper, Granny Pearl. She always told him that it was something they couldn't know until they went to the afterlife, and from there, there was no coming back. Imagine their surprise when they find out there are five gods, who are furious.

The exhilarating and dramatic climax to the PATH series.

Church is overjoyed by the arrival of his baby daughter, Eve. His wife, Sue, looks more radiant than ever as she suckles their happy infant. Church is elated and thinks that nothing can spoil the day, not even Ryan moaning about being hungry. Sue tells Church that Granny Pearl and Grandpa Jack, their spirit keeper and guide, had already popped in through a portal and visited them, but they had to leave as something urgent was happening in the spirit world. However, the astonishing conversation that he will have with a strange entity on his return home was about to ruin his perfect day.

If people cared about the Earth as much as they do about who they think created it; this would never happen.