Down The Wormhole

Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Ana Franco

Publisher : French Press Bookworks

ABOUT Ana Franco

Ana Franco
Ana Franco was born on a small town on the interior of São Paulo, Brazil, and still lives there with her family. She is known as a blogger under the name of 'Ana the Bookworm' and her Young Adult novel, 'Down The Wormhole', is her first take on writing in English. Ana attends to college o More...



In a city there is a tiny lane that separates two orphanages - one for boys and one for girls. Inside live two very special groups of teenagers. These teenagers carry a secret and leave it tucked safely away in their mysterious lives. 

Then one day, a girl named Kitty arrives. No last name, just Kitty. 

Before Kitty has time to be astonished by the teenagers' real identities, she is whisked into a magical realm that slowly unfolds her own. She must come to terms with her true place in the world while she can, because time is ticking and there are secrets in the wormhole. 

Travel with Kitty and her new friends down the wormhole into a mysterious world of magic, mythology, and mayhem.

You can pick up Down The Wormhole and lose yourself in the twisting turns of a few orphans... who just so happen to be ancient gods and godesses in hiding and suddenly find themselves thrown out of their comfort as they have to save the world.

What do you do when you are in your break for lunch and just finished reading a fanfic with fairytale characters in orphanages? You created your own version of it, of course!


  • "Debut YA fantasy à la Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series." - Kirkus Reviews
  • "An appropriate play on the rabbit-hole familiar to fans of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland." - Ricky L. Brown, Amazing Stories Mag
  • "There is magic, Celtic, Egyptian & Nordic Mythology, and Gods of each. The blend of these three cultures and their Gods makes the story unique and fascinating." - Juniper Grove
  • "It's an entertaining tale with magic, mischief and romance." - Gemma Thompson, author of The British Book of Social Media Marketing