The Wrath of Jeremy

ABOUT Stephen Salamon

Stephen Salamon



Can God Forgive Him?

The Moment Before The Dark Lord Fell!

Through a world where innocent eyes see evil in a reflection of supposed hope, Jeremy realizes his fear of a God he yearned to love, and the mystifying beasts he tries not to see, were in his life for a reason that he must battle to understand. Insanity is what he was told created these visions and prophesies, but Jeremy learns that madness is what he would wish he had. Thus, a tremendous adventure commences. The wrath of God is what Jeremy was chosen to see, but through this dark undertaking, Jeremy Daven discovers that the worst he thought he already knew was only the beginning for what he didn't even see coming. Enlightenment would be the downfall, and the time of God would be the resurrection. In the end, the soul of truth, no matter how good or bad it may be, will be the only one standing.

˃˃˃ Your Riddles Will Be Solved

The day the truest of Evil and the Truest of good made the deal.

˃˃˃ "Seeing the Unseen isn't frightening. The Unseen seeing you.... Terrifying!"

Are you ready for enlightenment? Join Jeremy on his incredible journey.

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