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Brandon Berntson



"A solid follow up to All The Gods Against Me, but still a great stand alone novel!"
"Fantasy with heart, richness, and detail, dealing with real, profound issues and real characters!"
"A literary fantasy, vivid, and heartbreaking!"

-Amazon reviewers

"In the heart of Malon, there is a soul that cannot die."

Mason Loveless' marriage is falling apart. Divorce is on the horizon, and in order to deal with it, he spends the afternoons drinking and fishing with his cousin, Eric.

But something much bigger is calling...Calliope, a world on the verge of ruin and destruction by the Black God, Malon. The world does more than just speak to Mason. It's calling him home, and he is more than willing to sacrifice his life and his marriage for Calliope's sake.

With Eric by his side, the two embark on an adventure to save a land they know very little about. But there is one condition: in order make Calliope the world it once was, they must leave everything behind...including their own lives.

Calliope is a raw, dark fantasy adult novel dealing with divorce and the tragedy of addiction. Filled with realism, pain and anguish, it is also a novel of redemption, of what it means to make the ultimate sacrifice in the face of adversity. Calliope is a must read for fans of fantasy and science fiction.