Dying Embers

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Glenn Trust
A native of the south, I was born in Columbus, Georgia in 1951, the first of five children. My father’s work as a salesman filled my early years with moves from the banks of the Chattahoochee River in Georgia to Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Petersburg, Virginia and Baltimore, until finall More...



Were you there? Many of us were.The embers of hate and bigotry had not died. Smoldering beneath the ashes of a hundred years, they glowed dim but hot, waiting to be fanned into flaming life. Set in the 1960’s during the time of school desegregation, ‘Dying Embers’ is a story of love, hate, terrible tragedy and immense courage. It is a story of growing up.
Six young people cling to their friendship while the war of racial bigotry rages around them. They mature and learn life’s lessons as the society and culture in which they live is painfully remolded. Their world is a world of contradiction. Good people with bad ideas born out of tradition are forced to make choices that will alter their universe, sending it spinning in directions they had never imagined. They are forced to confront those whose hatred was born out of ignorance and self-loathing.
A young man who had never known friendship learns it in an uncommon way from an unlikely source. Together, they learn that the bonds of friendship have no color.
Maturing can be a difficult process for the young. For the traditions and culture of an entire society, it can be, it was, excruciatingly painful.