Mystery & Thrillers

By Kara Stefanowich

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Kara Stefanowich

Kara Stefanowich
Kara Stefanowich grew up the old country way. She walked 25 miles to school in 10 feet of fresh snow bare foot. Well, not really. But close. She grew up on a mountain in Northern Maine on a farm in a cabin with no electricity and no running water. Growing up the old fashioned way, with no  More...



In the desolate farm town of Grand Isle, Maine, a darkness plagues the small town when women begin to go missing. Mysterious Tag Team serial killers, Blake and Cyrus, claim the area as their new stomping ground and no one will be safe.

But nothing ever goes as planned. The game becomes far more interesting than ever before when Blake begins an unhealthy obsession with his latest victim. The partners no longer see eye to eye when Blake no longer wants to play. Cyrus refuses to allow him to leave the morbid game and turns the tables against him. When faced with being framed for the crimes of his partner, Blake must find a way to save his own skin or be forced to participate in Cyrus's gruesome crusade.

This poetic game of cat and mouse sends the entire state of Maine into a panic as murders reach an all time high and another innocent woman, the only surviving woman ever to have seen one of the killers and the target of Blake's unhealthy obsession, is now in protective custody. But no one is safe when the riddle maker opens his book and leaves clues to the latest victim for Blake to find before the police.

Blake loses his mind as he winds up stuck in the middle of the game that wont let go and the woman who's just out of reach all while dodging the one man who can destroy him forever. The man who has the woman he must get back.

Will Cyrus find her first? Will he make her part of the game? Will Blake be forced to clean up the mess or die fighting?


I grew up in Northern Maine, which is where this story took place. It's exactly as desolate as I described it, so in all my years living there I remember thinking how perfect a place it would be for a serial killer. How easy it would be to commit such heinous acts without ever being suspected. So when I decided to get serious with my writing, that was the first story to grace my type writer...yes, typewriter. ;)

~~There has never been anything written by Kara that I haven't liked. From her blog to her books, and facebook in between. I'm a huge fan.

This book thrilled me. I had to catch my breath. I had to pause with excitement. I had to grab my husband and yell "LET ME READ YOU THIS"... This is just another fantastic, engaging, pull you in and hold you interested story. I can't wait to see where her mind takes my mind next!

Great job, Kara! Wow.. Just.. Wow amazing! This would be a fantastic movie!!

~~Another great book written by my talented friend. Very well written, and I could hardly put it down! I love a book that keeps me engaged and wanting more. Awesome job, Kara!