Birds of a Feather

Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Kara Stefanowich

Publisher : Kara Stefanowich

ABOUT Kara Stefanowich

Kara Stefanowich
Kara Stefanowich grew up the old country way. She walked 25 miles to school in 10 feet of fresh snow bare foot. Well, not really. But close. She grew up on a mountain in Northern Maine on a farm in a cabin with no electricity and no running water. Growing up the old fashioned way, with no  More...



This book is the first #TwitterNovel ever to be written and published. About 2 years ago Kara and Simon met on twitter with intrigue, beginning a game of tweets so playfully fascinating it quickly became a popular read. Before they knew it, a novel had been born. Would you like to see what a couple of tweets can lead to? Read on! When Shiloh Lashley, an International Assassin, breaks all the rules and falls in love with Monty Wright, her latest target, she finds herself in a conspiracy with her own name on the hit list — and a deep, dark secret surfacing in the fight to save her love, her life and a past she’s hidden for so long. This sexy tail spin of murder, money and conspiracy gets blown to bits when Monty Wright and Shiloh Lashley are both hired by opposing Agencies to kill each other. When the assassins finally meet the sparks fly, along with a hail of bullets which lead them straight into each others arms. But when their Agencies discover their affair, cities crumble and a barrage of car chases, explosions and gun fights stalk the lovers around the globe, from Berlin, Germany to Tijuana, Mexico. Even as their affair blossoms, the shock still grips the pair as there are secrets a plenty in the world of spies and contract killers. Can their love withstand the smoke of gunfire, or will their secrets tear them apart and take their lives?

Ever get lonely in life and turn to Twitter for comfort or to just kill time? Well, that's how this story came about. A twitter friend and I met through witty banter one dark and lonely night and BAM! There it began, the first #TwitterNovel ever written entirely on Twitter. It was just so good and juicy that I couldn't just let it slip away into Twitter archives, so I copy and pasted my way through Birds of a Feather. Out came an amazing twisted tale of International Assassins who against all odds, fall in love and love triumphs all!

Plot twists abound in this intriguing tale of two spies running full speed into the unknown, or unremembered, world of emotion as they turn from fighting each other to fighting an unknown enemy determined to exterminate them both. Stefanowich brings it all to the table: love, death, passion, betrayal, sex, destruction, and even innocence. You will not want to put it down...even when you're reached the end. - Christy Brown

It was difficult to put this story down! I fell in love with Shiloh and Monty and their love affair. The detail in this story left me wanting MORE! Kara wrote in such detail that I felt I was there. I cried (yes, literally) when they cried, flinched when they did (or didn't) and felt as tho' I was part of the action. So much action and twists and turns! - Elizabeth Griggs

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