Fall Again Beginnings An Unrealized Romance (Volume 1 )

ABOUT Donna Figueroa

Donna Figueroa
I am an actor working and living in Los Angeles. My credits include roles on the big and small screens, commercials for both television and radio, educational & industrial projects, and of couse my first love, theater. Currently I'm one of the producers of Story Salon, Los Angeles's  More...



What if you were to meet the perfect person – your best friend, soulmate and the great love of your life - but at the wrong time?

Lauren Phillips wants one thing: to be a working actor in New York City. That’s her focus. Her work schedule leaves little room for anything else. Juggling several part-time jobs and building a career don’t lend themselves to building close relationships. That is until she meets the man who changes everything.

Marc Guiro is a working acting. His career is progressing well, but his longtime relationship isn’t making his life easy. His girlfriend wants marriage and a “traditional” lifestyle. He likes things the way they are, unfettered and relatively uncomplicated, but when he meets a beautiful fellow actor, the safe place he thought his heart was in is turned in another direction

Decorum dictates they remain friends. Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months of denying their true feelings. As their careers grow, so too does their desire for each other. How hard are they willing to fight to keep the façade, or how long until the dam breaks and their love for each other takes control?

Book 1 of a series.

The Fall Again Series was a direct result of procrastination. For more than a few years I had an idea for a short story that I just never got around to writing. When I finally had time to start writing I found that my little short story had grown too big since I had mentally developed a long involved story. And instead of a couple of characters I had a full cast. That's when I decided to see if I could write a stand alone novel, especially since the NaNoWroMo Novel Writing Challenge was starting in a matter of weeks. The challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days during the month of November. I was unsure I had 50,000 words in me, but hit that goal on 11/20/12. The story was finished on 11/30/12 at over just 80,000 words. Fast forward to the spring of 2014. My project was read in its entirety by a mentor. "Donna, you don't have a novel. You have a series of three or maybe four novels here." As for the story behind the story, there are several elements involved in the series.. A first love is at the heart of the first book Beginnings. I believe that many women (myself included) have a "Marc" somewhere in their past. And yes, many men have memories of a "Lauren" somewhere. I'm sure at times we think about these people and wonder what has become of them...or imagine what would have happened if things had been different. Above all I wanted to write a good story. Please enjoy! Donna Figueroa Author

"This is not a modern romance novel, it is
something more - a love story. A love story that weaves us into the
lives of the characters until we don't want to leave their world, a love
story that engages us to cry at their fictional pain and laugh at their
-Amazon Review

"I could truly not wait to continue a chapter and plunge myself
whole heartedly back into these characters lives. The situations are
real. The triumphs are great. The disappointments stingingly real."
-Amazon Review  

"A touching read that will keep you rooting for true love, and eager to see what happens next!"-Amazon Review