Tenure to Die For: An Ivory Tower Murder Mystery

ABOUT Ronald Perkins

Ronald Perkins
Dr. Perkins received his undergraduate degree in geology from the University of Cincinnati and his graduate degrees from the University of New Mexico and Indiana University. Following graduation, he joined Shell Oil Company’s research group in Coral Gables, Florida, studying modern marin More...



All is not well in the ivory tower. Dr. Alex Chandler, an alumnus and retired professor, returns to Ashmore University in the mountains of western North Carolina to attend his alumni reunion. Upon arrival, he is shocked to learn that one of his former colleagues and friend has died under very suspicious circumstances. After touring the campus and having an opportunity to speak with both graduate students and active faculty, he is struck with the apparent conflict between those students who aspire to teach, but find few job opportunities, and those older faculty who are reluctant to retire. He learns that there were other members of the Ashmore faculty who had died under circumstances that were ruled to be accidental. Convinced that there is something amiss, Alex begins to search for information concerning other older faculty deaths at several universities around the country. He is convinced that there must be someone behind these deaths and that they aren’t accidental. His search for the truth places himself and others in danger as he continues to probe for the truth. Who is responsible, what could possibly be their motives, why are only certain faculty being targeted, and are these deaths actually contrived or are they all fortuitous? There are many twists and turns before the truth finally comes out, but not before there are dire consequences for Alex and his compatriots.