Military Strategy Classics of Ancient China - English & Chinese: The Art of War, Methods of War, 36 Stratagems & Selected Teachings

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By Shawn Conners

Publisher : Special Edition Books

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Shawn Conners
Shawn Conners is an author and editor for El Paso Norte Press, Special Edition Books and Traveling Press. Since 2005, he has contributed to over 50 publications, including hardcover, paperback and Kindle editions.



Military Strategy Classics of Ancient China presents modern translations of eight of the most important and relevant military texts from antiquity, which have gained new prominence among Western students of Eastern military strategy and philosophy. These texts provide background for a wide range of disciplines, including: history, linguistics, wuxia, martial arts, business and trial strategy. Contents include:

The Six Secret Teachings – Jiang Ziya
The Art of War – Sun Tzu
Methods of War – Sima Rangju
The Book of Wuzi – Wu Qi
The Book of Wei Liaozi – Wei Liao
The Three Strategies of Huang Shigong
The Thirty Six Stratagems
Questions and Replies: Tang Taizong and Li Jing