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William Eleazer
William Eleazer: Active member of the Florida Bar and author of a new novel, Savannah Law, who has lived the lives of most of the novel’s characters: law student and law professor, prosecutor, defense counsel, and trial judge, U. S. Marine, and poker player. Born and raised near Savanna More...



A brazen robbery by a masked man at one of Savannah’s finest restaurants results in the murder of a teenage girl and murder indictments against two defendants. The assistant DA assigned to the case believes one indictment is without merit, and his attempt to have it dismissed threatens both his career and his life. With colorful characters and exciting and realistic courtroom drama, The Indictments will keep the reader riveted on the twisting plot until the unforgettable final chapter.

The Indictments is a sequel to Savannah Law, winner of the 2010 Gold Medal for Adult Fiction awarded by the Florida Publishers Association, and brings back Scott Marino, the young assistant DA, to once more face ace defense attorney Max Gordon in a Chatham County courtroom. With beautiful Savannah as the locale, this legal thriller will give you many hours of enjoyable and exciting reading.

The author, William Eleazer, is a native of Springfield, Georgia, just 27 miles from Savannah. He has lived the lives of many of the characters in the novel: prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and law professor. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University (BA), George Washington University Law School (JD), and Emory University Law School (LL.M in Litigation). He lives with his wife, Jan, in St. Petersburg. Florida.

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