Red Death: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller

ABOUT Debra Robinson/D.L. Robinson

Debra Robinson/D.L. Robinson
Debra Robinson is an Appalachian author and professional musician. Three years in a haunted house at a young age started Debra on her quest to understand the paranormal.  Debra has signed song many contracts  and had one placed in a  Matthew McConaughey film trailer. Debra’s has nonf More...



Tara Green and her husband Lee are an average American couple living in a small but average Midwestern town. It’s all quite average—until the day their next door neighbors began projectile vomiting up their liquefied internal organs. Tara finds herself at ground zero in a worldwide pandemic that threatens the extinction of society. Can she learn the skills needed in time to save them all? A powerful story of life and death, greed and cruelty, culminating in a battle between good and evil against the backdrop of a desperate struggle to survive in a brave new world.