Reflection Of distant Memories

ABOUT James Coupland

James Coupland
James coupland is a digital archivist for the BBC, a song writer and a poet. He has been writing poetry to express himself, thoughts and emotions as he go through life's rollercoaster ride.   He likes to write about his perception of the world's events as well as life experience and dre More...


A collection of poems with subjects ranging from lost love to the changing seasons, man's destructiveness to the planet, the miseries of commuting, the joys of nights on the town and…sausages. Most of the work is based on the authors perceptions and imaginings but, some are drawn from real life experiences. And for a relative newcomer, he pulls no punches, dealing head on with, for instance, a nervous breakdown he suffered as a student: 'Crawling through the darkness on your hands and knees Sweating and shaking because you can't see When everything clears, you will find The silent witness, is inside your mind…' One of James Coupland's most heartfelt pieces, Hope, deals with his fears that his wife Liliane will miscarry their longed-for child: 'Oh sad is the heart that breaks in two Taken away, life once new…' Twins on the way That was written at the start of December. Ten days later, having just seen his wife's pregnancy scan which revealed that the couple are expecting twins, James Coupland then published the joyful Two Hearts: 'Two beautiful hearts beating with life Tears of joy for this beautiful sight I feel so happy deep inside This big smile I could never hide…' All poems are written beautifully, creating imagery and an emotional experience for the reader.