Blood Moon (Dark Moon Series) (Volume 1)

ABOUT Shelly Burrows Michael Stewart

Shelly Burrows Michael Stewart
Shelly is a mother to a son whom she affectionately calls Bug. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Phoenix. In addition to having a passion for all things legal, she loves to read and play video games with her son. She was born in  More...



In book one, Blood Moon Werewolf witches, Conri Olcan and Saoirse MacKay are on the hunt for the bones of the original Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, Panteon. Cronus, the leader of the Vampire Coven will stop at nothing to prevent that from happening. Mike Hardy and Bentley Britt are caught in between these powerful beings. Will they become casualties of war? Or will they be more important than they even realize? Will Conri and Saoirse survive? Will Cronus succeed in stopping them? Follow this thrilling tale and enter the Variant World.


As a fan of both the vampire and werewolf horror categories I have to say that BLOOD MOON was a very refreshing alternative to the popular take on vamp/wolf relations. Far too many times we have seen the werewolves used in subservient capacities. This was NOT the case. The werewolves in this novel are ferocious, clever, calculating creatures. Their personalities practically smack of wolf-like tendencies even in their human forms.

Conri and Saoirse's romance spans through time. They have an ease with one another that extends itself beyond comfort. She's quite obviously his PARTNER in all things. Loved it. Mike caught Bentley at a particularly low point in her life and watching them transform one another emotionally is hard, especially as the reader when you know that their romance is headed into choppy water toward the end.

Though my favorite wolf of all was Savannah King. I hope to learn more about her even if its in a short story unrelated to the plot of the next novel.

The vampires seemed to run the gamut as far as temperament was concerned. Some were laid back, others were downright maniacal, and a few easily fell right in between. If I was FORCED to pick a favorite vampire of all in this novel It would be a tie between Kael and Bellamy it was interesting watching them become closer, and I absolutely loved their fight scene.

I don't want to give TOO much away, but the epilogue just ruined me. I am dying to know more about the character it centers around and what it will mean for both the weres and vamps!


The regular vampire or werewolf novels are always fun but this adds a great twist to awaken my love of the genre. The characters are well developed and make you hate or love them. The force you to feel a vested interest in their fate. The erotic undertones remind me that this isn't your usual bedtime story but one to tingle all the senses!