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Marilyn Lakewood
Marilyn lives with her husband in the northwest U.S., not too far from the Canadian border, and believes the long, cold winters are perfect “writing weather.” She looks forward to the winter holidays, and doesn’t mind the snow, except when she needs to drive in it. Although she imag More...


Kellus Aquitar is drawn into the ancient enchanted land of Strathan where he finds the love he craves, a challenge he cannot refuse, and the cause he was destined for.


To keep his sister and parents safe from Rome’s persecution, Kell has been forced to lead his elite cavalry on constant campaign against the enemies of the Republic. Now at thirty-seven, he is weary of senseless bloodshed, petty Roman tyrants, and sleeping in tents. Above all he is tired of sharing women with other men.


On a secret mapping expedition in the mysterious isles of Britannia, his journey takes him away from everything he knows when he discovers a hidden, mysterious world and meets Leis, a woman he desires more than life itself. But to remain in the timeless realm of Strathan he must overcome the endless reach of Roman vengeance -- and his deep aversion to sharing.


Leis, an erotic siren of Strathan, can impart immortality to her lovers, but only when bound in a ménage a trois. In a rite of passage, Leis’ magic calls to the outsider, Kell. The newcomer stirs turmoil in Strathan but with eminent attack of the Hobb, Kell’s experience and strategy in war is a welcome asset.


When every warrior is needed to battle the monsters that threaten Strathan, Kell must devise a way to guard Leis, while protecting his sister and parents from Rome’s wrath in the outside world. His plan calls for sacrifice… dark, bloody, and dangerous…but if he survives, he will possess the woman he loves, keep his family safe, and secure his destiny with the Warriors of Strathan.



Warriors of Strathan contains explicit sex and violence. Kell, the hero in this story, lives in a different time and culture. His world is harsh and without compassion. It does not conform to current sensibilities, ideals, or laws. There are brief mentions of non-consent in the story, but they are written without extensive detail.


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Author note:


History abounds with myths, legends, and symbols of immortality: the Fountain of Youth, Garden of Eden, Gilgamesh, and the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Even Achilles was thought to have been resurrected to live an immortal existence on the Elysian Plains.


There are stories of elixirs that bestow eternal life like the Hindu myth of Amrita, an ambrosia of immortality. Some believe the Philosophers Stone to be an elixir of life. Whiskey, in Gaelic, is uisce beatha or water of life.


Today timeless themes continue in our books and movies. James Hilton wrote of Shangri La. Oscar Wilde penned Dorian Gray, and Robert A. Heinlein, Methuselah’s Children. There are movies like Highlander, the Mummy, Tuck Everlasting and Twilight.




Most cultures have tales about a hero who attains it, or a race of people who possess it. From the beginning of time, humans have searched for eternal life, and writers write about the perils and possibilities of its discovery.


Since I adore stories with sexy, alpha male heroes, I wrote my own erotic little rendition of a hero’s journey, which involves a sort of sexually bestowed immortality.


And like any good tale of unstoppable warriors, epic battles, and eternal cities, there’s an elixir in this story too … purely for medicinal purposes. ;)