Scandal In The Pews

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Tracey T. Cooper
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Scandal {skan-dl} an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong causing general public outcry or outrage

We live in a society where there are scandals in Government, Corporate America, family and even amongst friends. But what happens when scandal takes place in your church, and leaders that you hold in high esteem are morally corrupt?

Enter the world of Bishop Gregory Fortune, a prominent Pentecostal preacher, father, and husband of almost thirty years. He has two children by the love of his life, Sheila. Though not a complicated man, he has big dreams to grow his ministry to a level of greatness. Then, unexpectedly, his simple life is instantly upgraded when a rare beauty walks into the doors of his small sanctuary. From the onset, an educated Nadira Horton is a quiet spirit, yet she has the aura of a thoroughbred boss that Greg recognizes almost immediately.

Hungry for success, Nadira takes the bull by the horns and sets her business plan into action. At her direction, Gregory’s lofty dream of having a massive ministry materializes, and Sheila basks in the glory of their success without having put in any actual work of her own. Suddenly, Nadira finds herself in love with Gregory, who has also fallen hard for her.

All the while, Nadira's best friend Myka is caught up in her own scandal. Dreadful secrets force her picture perfect marriage to fade in the most horrendous way imaginable.

The old saying, ‘If the head isn't right the body isn't either,’ reigns true in this congregation. Exceeding Faith Ministries and its members are all experiencing scandal while occupying the pews. Who will be the one to remove their white gloves, slide into their gladiator suit, and clean up the mess that their choices have left behind?