From the Mud

From the Mud

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Paul Emery
~~Paul Emery is an independent British multi-genre author. His debut novel, the science fiction Kindle book "Ten" was published in 2014 after the basic concept had bounced around in his head like a game of Pong for many years. His second novel, "From the Mud", is set i More...



Growing up in rural England, a young Albert Slater is far from ready to play a part in the First World War. Even his basic training cannot prepare him for what is to come. Thrown into the fire at the Battle of Passchendaele, he quickly realises the sheer horror of the Great War. He emerges from the mud of Passchendaele a man, but one moulded by suffering and loss. Somehow he has to continue to do his duty for King and country until peace finally arrives.
As he returns to civilian life after the war, the memories of battle continue to haunt him, even as he begins to think about courting the pub landlord's daughter, the delightful Alice.
In the waning years of his life, he decides to write of his experiences. He always struggled to speak of the grim memories with his children, not wishing to taint their innocence with his pain. He would write of those days, to remember them so that his children would understand.
'From the Mud' is the story of one man's fight to retain his sanity, wanting to forget, yet remember and live a life worthy of his fallen friends.

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