The Eye Witness: MH370 The Missing Time

Politics & Current Affairs

By Mary Alff

Publisher : Mary M. Alff

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Mary Alff



The EYE WITNESS is the end product of a very interesting interview. Mrs Wolff (not her real name) has had a very mysterious experience that she has kept secret for some time. However, she has seen it proper to come out now and tell the world about it. She begun by telling her family and friends. It surprised her that none of them doubted her sanity like she'd expected them to. She went on to tell even larger groups of people who thought she may have the answers. The response she got has made her want to have a book written. Sadly, she did not have the likelihood to be interviewed by any great Media, but she says modestly, she doesn't need such honors and it really doesn't matter. She has no doubt in her mind that what she has to say will shock many who hear or read it. She believes this may encourage many more people to come out and reveal what really happened to Malaysian MH370 and what happened on the ground, on the morning it disappeared and days following. She claims radar and satellite images were vividly recorded. There is no information blackout like we have been led to believe. She urges those with influence to demand for the Tower-Pilot communication Audiotapes. She is convinced that there is more than meets the eye,right there. Like everyone else on the globe, she has waited long and patiently for the recovery of the plane which everyone in the search seems sure " ... ended in the Indian Ocean." We have watched searches in the wrong stretches of water and with each new dawning day, it becomes clear there's need, not to find the plane. This book reveals why. She has taken the first step in revealing what happened inside the plane above the seas, and hopes many more will follow in her path. She wants everyone to know that the disappearance of Malaysian MH370 is no mystery at all, and it has never been. Is it time for the truth to be told? She has stated that in these uncertain times, there should be no place for fear and demanding to know the truth of a matter is the right of every man. She knows that certain references she has given will help reveal the real truth about the incident; what was happening in the locations, and why there were no survivors. While she understands that this is a shocking and very unexpected account of events, she is confident it will help answer many questions still lingering on countless minds. Not only does she think this will help to instigate a demand for an explanation about what the world has been led to believe concerning the tragedy, but also it may very well be the cue to reopen this mystery and engage independent transparent non- government officials, investigators, Judges and organisations to re-investigate the matter, the individuals involved, and most importantly cast a critical eye at the rather baffling search and rescue operations and the subsequent compensations awarded to the families of the victims. Whichever way this account will come across, it is likely to change everyone who reads it. By answering the tough questions asked, she hopes to restart a discussion about this incident which seems dead and buried without justice being served to the victims. She is telling everyone who gets on a plane for whatever reason, to feel the pain of the families in Malaysia and China and those others we never got to know about. This incident has happened to everybody, and for this reason it is everyone's business to get involved in asking how they can get this matter off the hands of those covering up what smells like crime, and give it to those who will do the right thing. Mrs Wolff, who still believes in the goodness of the human race says she knows this is possible. She agrees it may take longer than anticipated, but it will be eventually established. The EYE WITNESS is not only an interview, but also an incident report. It may be used by organisations which have the ability and resources to voice sentiments which can strengthen the pleas of families still waiting to be heard.