Imagine a Time Capsule (Inside Mosac's Almanac Book 2)

ABOUT Graham Kershaw

Graham Kershaw
Due to illness I left work in 1990, and have since worked as a volunteer teaching 'Learning Difficulty Adults'. I began writing a sci-fi/fantasy set of novels as a hobby during the late 1990's.
In 2011 I posted a rewrite of the first of these novels on amazon kindle and began work re More...



Sargolus is a powerful alien who commands mighty warlord Prieffes and a whole fleet of ships surrounding a small core world. Belan and his elf love - Tyeainne, have the unenviable task of using Sargolus to uproot Moolbol - a terrible beast from Eichroous, the Universe before time.

Is the Prieffe Queen Envel an ally to them? Perhaps not, but she does have interest in something Belan can do for her, and without her assistance there is good reason for them both to die. Tyeainne is not Belan’s only companion. Gyros, a disgusting alien also accompanies him, and another Prieffe, Prince Rulbald, wants Gyros and anything associated with this deplorable creature removed. Does the Prince have more influence than Queen Envel? One would think so, he's by far the favorite in Sargolus circles, and yet Sargolus needs the Queen, for now at least.

After a punishing game and trial, Belan and his companions are enlisted by Queen Envel to discover a mystery intruder hidden amongst the Sargolus realm. Finding this intruder requires Belan's quirky technical skills. He has many, but they might not suffice and their lives depend upon him. So, from a tyrant alien’s vicious game, Belan and his new love must struggle to find a place in an environment full of strange creatures. This part of their quest is to find Contoid and its link to Moolbol’s elfin land, far away. The intruder, hidden from all, complicates matters, as does threat from viral infection, and a looming war.

The story includes Belan's estranged wife, Mauree - and her plight against the wizard, Derba and his allies - who hound her, and now threaten her sister’s life too. Mauree depends upon her witch friend, Sonyana for help, but witches have their own companions - in this case a supernatural snake with hunger in its eyes. Derba has his finger in many hot pies, can anyone stop him?

Other stories build a backdrop from Mosac's Almanac and elsewhere, in this second book of five.

Their quest is to find Contoid and its link to an elfin land far away.
To do this they must first unmask a creature hidden from all, but Belan soon discovers this creature's skill at staying elusive, and as he and his love come under threat from viral infection, and the tyrant alien's forces, a war unfolds around him.