Show Don't Tell: Immersive Writing From The Roots Up

Show Don't Tell: Immersive Writing From The Roots Up

ABOUT Carmen Fox

Carmen Fox
Carmen lives in the south of England with her beloved tea maker and a stuffed sheep called Fergus. By day she translates technical texts, by night she sleeps. It’s her mission to squeeze as much geek in-between as she can. Besides a more than casual interest in physics, she plays and inv More...



3D Writing At Your Fingertips

Showing and telling are among the most powerful skills an author can acquire, yet incomplete and misleading information has caused much confusion. No more. Using easy-to-understand examples, this short guide demonstrates how to compel and immerse readers in 3D writing, without clogging scenes with unnecessary description.

Carmen Fox, author of Divide and Conquer and Guarded, takes her craft seriously. “Over the past fifteen years, I’ve been taught by the best instructors in the business. Some of their nuggets nudged while others dragged me toward publication. Yet it wasn’t until I’d figured out showing and telling that my writing soared. My imagination finally had lift-off.”

Aimed at new and intermediate authors, ‘Show Don’t Tell – Immersive Writing From The Roots Up' will set you on your own path to excellence.