Blue Moon Luck

ABOUT Linda Collison

Linda Collison
Linda Collison has received numerous awards for her creative writing, including the grand prize for fiction at the 1996 Maui Writers Conference. Her historical novel Star-Crossed (Knopf;2006) was a New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age - 2007.  



For his entire life, twenty-two-year-old Chance Lee has been dreaming of greatness -- something far beyond getting high in his mother's old farmhouse, and much more prestigious than playing in a twangy West Virginia country band on the weekends.

Unlike many other small-town boys with lofty dreams, Chance see his future of musical greatness, with his best friend Tollie by his side, as an undeniable fact. And when a reading from a local fortune-teller seems to affirm his unstoppable luck, it's not long before he's ready to break out of Falling Waters and put his plans in motion.

But when creative differences and the undeniable pull of home begin to get in the way, Chance is finally given reason to doubt his lucky star -- at least, until he finally hits the road alongside an unexpected companion.