Inspirations...One Man's Journey: From Misery to Mercy

Biographies & Memoirs, Poetry

By Warren Clark

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A book detailing some of the struggles associated with drug addiction and recovery from addiction. Written as an inspirational work, to aid those seeking a way to recover from addiction. This book contains inspirational and descriptive poetry by the author. Poetry stemming from a lifetime of drug abuse, and repeated periods of incarceration. It also offers details of the author's life so the reader can see the process of recovery from the author's experience. The author has served over twenty years in prison for drug related offenses and has recovered from that lifestyle to become an Addictions Therapist and a responsible member of society. A must read for those looking to find a way out of the lifestyle of an addict. This book offers an example of how recovery is possible as long as the addict is willing to work hard to achieve success.

Getting clean after 40 years of drug addiction.