Spiral Arms Entwined (Inside Mosac's Almanac Book 3)

Spiral Arms Entwined (Inside Mosac's Almanac Book 3)

ABOUT Graham Kershaw

Graham Kershaw
Due to illness I left work in 1990, and have since worked as a volunteer teaching 'Learning Difficulty Adults'. I began writing a sci-fi/fantasy set of novels as a hobby during the late 1990's.
In 2011 I posted a rewrite of the first of these novels on amazon kindle and began work re More...



‘Inside Mosac’s Almanac’ -Science Fantasy- speckled with Light and Darkness
The back story
The Arcanites became a secret sect of wizards chosen by Quell, the creator God. The original Arcanites came from ancient shaman mystics, but after the A.D calendar Arcanite power waned sharply. Due to infighting their numbers declined until they faced extinction. ‘Yubungu’, The Blackness, had confused the beast ‘Moolbol’ and this caused much agitation amongst these wizards. Imprisoned on Drallagoon, often called Chysk, Moolbol, through Frice and its ‘Red Hole’ had a tacit link to Earth. To ratify this link Moolbol experimented with mortal creatures to create farrowirgs and send them to investigate the cosmos. A vague sense of Frice chose the farrowirg direction for them. For generations they travelled conquering all they met, cosmic feelers for their confused dark lord who needed to pinpoint where Frice ended to break free and unravel Quell’s Universe.

Mosac was an Arcanite wizard chosen to annihilate his fellows. He came across ancient writings, had an epiphany and changed from prosecutor to reformer to become ostracized. This prompted him to protect the font of Quell's knowledge within an impenetrable temple of his device, and connect this temple to an almanac; an almanac with disjointed parts of himself, able to jump to any point throughout time, even after his death.

Spiral Arms Entwined
Ride a see-saw as a Prieffe farrowirg willingly destroys a profound talisman of his deepest held beliefs, and as Mauree pulls her protective ring from her finger without harm from Derba’s Arcanite malice. Derba is indisposed; Belan wielded magic beyond his ability to deny the Arcanite wizard his freedom. Trapped in Ribbon World Derba works for release against his own errors and an old netherworld enemy on the rampage.
The war to control the ship reaches its climax with Sargolus raising forces to threaten all. Cat and mouse aggression pits Queen Envel, Prince Rulbald and Sargolus against Contoid and other formidable opposition. Who will win, and what result will it have?
Tyeainne unearths Captain Compton’s diabolical secret; Boc-nac is also unveiled; the Chy Lord arrives, and the see-saw’s bumpy ride continues.
Mysteries deepen elsewhere. The almanac and a range of fortune nooks reveal – rain falling upward, a zombie taking form, therianthropes elevating men to gods – an imbalance with a cost. And what do Jack the Ripper, Atlantis, Egyptian rivalries, and a children’s dragon tale have to do with any of this?
What indeed?