Hurricane From Hell

General Fiction

By Audrey Phillips Cox

Publisher : Audrey Phillips Cox

ABOUT Audrey Phillips Cox

Audrey Phillips Cox
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HURRICANE FROM HELL is set in a large urban hospital and is loosely based on true events that transpired when an actual hurricane made landfall in a major city. It is a fictitious drama, infused with wacky comedy about two sensible nursing supervisors whose jobs are hindered by the antics of some quirky patients, an arrogant doctor who is suspected of euthanizing his patients, a power failure, a flooded basement, and a category five hurricane that spins off several tornadoes, endangering the lives of all of the patients and employees. NOTICE TO BOOK SELLERS: Contact author to obtain a password and a discount code. The final price will be reflected before checking out.

I worked as a registered nurse in a trauma center hospital when it was hit with a category 3 hurricane. Some of the outrageous events that happens in the book are loosely based on events that actually happened.

Amazon Review: ByAshton L. Turner on September 11, 2009 Format: Paperback I've got three words for this book: Suspenseful, Thrilling, and Surprising. I got so into the plot of the book I couldn't put it down. I finished it in a day. I would recommend this book to anyone!