Warlocks: Blue Moon

ABOUT Kelly Felsted

Kelly Felsted
I live in the western part of the United States and hold an English Degree from the University of Utah. I have an incurable addiction to reading and writing science fiction and fantasy novels.



There are those among us with powers beyond our wildest imaginations, but they do not belong here. Venessa must decide who she can trust— her life and the fate of the planet both rest in the balance. Blue Moon is Part 1 of Book 1 in a new thrilling, fast-paced Science Fiction and Fantasy novel for teens and general audiences. Set in contemporary Virginia near Washington D.C., the novel crosses paths between the normal, everyday world and the secret world of the Warlocks. Venessa Summers must uncover a secret conspiracy and the Dark world of the Warlocks before choosing a side. Part 1 is just the beginning... Back of Book Blurb: Venessa Summers always blended into the crowd and never imagined that she'd draw attention from one of the most talked about guys in school-- Jason Ardac. But when her father dies in a tragic accident her somewhat normal world is forgotten as she stumbles upon the dark secret world of the Warlocks. Suddenly thrown into a new world of mind-bending, life-altering and earth-shattering events, Venessa must determine who she can trust. Both her life and the fate of the planet rest in the balance. Recommended for readers 13+